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14 May

New Payment Methods

Electronic Payments:

  • Amazon Pay - UK

Changes in Xsolla API

New settings.ui.desktop.header.close_button parameter in the Get Token method. Enables showing a Close button in Pay Station desktop clicking which closes Pay Station and gets the user back to the game.


April 18

Android SDK 2.3.0

A new version of Android SDK has been released (2.3.0).

What’s new:

  • Overall socket timeout increased to 30 seconds
  • Maven plugin updated to version 2.0
  • Android support packages updated to version 27.1.0
  • Minor bugfixes

April 6

Comments for User Inventory Changes

The Comment field added to the user management section in Xsolla Publisher Account. The field is required when adding, removing, or changing the number of virtual items in the inventory. The comment is displayed in the user operation history in Pay Station.

Changes in Xsolla API

New payments_available parameter in the Project settings group of methods. The parameter indicates whether a project is ready to accept real payments. The parameter is 'true' if the partner has an active signed agreement and at least one active project.


March 21

New Payment Methods

Cash Payments:

  • Red Dot Pay PIN - Myanmar

Electronic Payments:

  • Rabbit LINE Pay - Thailand

Updated Role in Xsolla Publisher Account

Restrictions on searching for payment transactions added for users with the Junior Support role. Now the user has to specify at least one parameter to get a list of transactions.

March 7

New Payment Methods

Mobile Payments:

  • YOTA (via Platbox) - Russia

Transaction Registry Update

Gift recipient email and Gift recipient ID fields added to gift transaction details in the Publisher Account. Friend email (the recipient's email address) and Friend user ID (the recipient's identifier) fields added to the transaction registry export.

March 1

Xsolla Launcher Update

Xsolla Launcher is now integrated with Google Analytics. Partners can track user activity, collect analytics according to various parameters, and troubleshoot Launcher operation. To use the integration, sign up with Google Analytics and add the counter code to Launcher settings.

Voice Navigation in Pay Station

Pay Station now supports voice-over navigation per the WCAG 2.0 standard. To enable the feature, just configure your PC or smartphone accordingly.


Pay Station now supports gifting. When making a purchase in Pay Station, the user can opt to send it as a gift to a friend. They specify the recipient and optionally a message to be attached to the gift. Following the payment, the giver gets a receipt, and the recipient gets the gift. The giver can hide their identity to send the gift anonymously. You can send the list of friends in the request for token or via API as a response to the corresponding request from Xsolla.

Read the integration guide


February 9

New Payment Methods

Bank Cards:

  • Credit cards (via - Europe

Keyboard Navigation in Pay Station

In accordance with the WCAG 2.0 standard, users can now navigate through Pay Station controls using their keyboard. Pressing TAB switches the focus through all application elements one by one.

VAT in Belarus

Starting with February 1, 2018, Xsolla is charging VAT on products sold in Belarus. Depending on project settings, the tax can be charged to partners or users. The tax amounts to 20% of the purchase price.


January 23

New Payment Methods

Cash Payments:

  • PagoFacil - Argentina

Internet Banking:

  • Bank transfer (via banks: Nordea, SEB) - Finland, Sweden

Changes in Xsolla API

New settings.ui.header.visible_virtual_currency_balance parameter in the Get Token method. The parameter shows or hides the user balance in Pay Station.

January 10

New Payment Methods

Cash Payments:

  • Cash Kiosks (via Predprocessing YUG) - Russia

Internet Banking:

  • MyBank (via Entercash) - Italy
  • Trustly - Europe
  • Bank transfer (via banks: Siirto, Osuuspankki, Aktia, S-Pankki, Handelsbanken) - Finland, Sweden

New Role in Xsolla Publisher Account

New Junior Developer role added to the Xsolla Publisher Account. A user with this role can access project settings; create, edit, and enable promotions; create coupons and launch campaigns. They can’t access the project’s financial information.

New Section in Xsolla Publisher Account

A section to fill in the Tax Interview form has been added to the Xsolla Publisher Account. The section is available for partners with the Owner or Accounting roles who have signed an agreement with Xsolla (USA) Inc.

Xsolla Launcher Update

What’s new:

  • Store: The section is now integrated with the Pay Station platform, which features games and items sold for both virtual and real currency.
  • P2P & CDN Balancing system: Games and upgrades will now be sent to the end user via CDN, if a P2P transfer fails.

Updated Payment Methods

Digital Wallet:

Razer API update to v2.0.0.


December 29

New Payment Methods

Cash Payments:

  • Alfa Group stores (via DOKU) - Indonesia

New Promotion Type

Partners can now launch a new type of promotions, where users get bonuses depending on the number of items in the shopping cart. Bonuses can include trial subscriptions, virtual items, or virtual currency. To enable the feature, please contact your account manager.

Electronic Cash Receipts

In accordance with the Russian Federal Law No. 54-FZ of May 22, 2003 “On the application of cash register equipment in settlements in cash and/or via electronic means of payment,” users can now obtain cash receipts as an electronic document. After a successful payment, the payment status page will include a link to download the receipt. Its copy will also be sent to the user’s email.

December 11

Xsolla Smart TV

Users can now pay for purchases made on Samsung Smart TV devices via Pay Station by scanning a QR code or following a short link on their smartphone or computer. Users can also pay using saved payment accounts.

Watch the demo

Read the integration guide

To integrate the solution on other Smart TV devices, please contact

New Payment Methods

Cash Payments:

  • TechTree - Ukraine
  • Casey’s General Stores (via PayNearMe) - USA
  • Multicaja (via Ebanx) - Chile

Internet Banking:

ATM/Bank transfer (via DOKU) - Indonesia

Mobile Payments:

Rostelecom (via Platbox) - Russia

Electronic Payments:

Bitcoin - All countries

Updated Payment Methods

Cash Payments & Internet Banking:

Safetypay API update to version

Internet Banking:

Smart2Pay transition to GlobalPay REST API.

Digital wallet & Prepaid Cards:

MyCard API update to v1.8.

Digital wallet: API update to v2.0.

Changes in Xsolla API

New settings.ui.desktop.virtual_items_list.view parameter in the Get Token method. The parameter allows lists of virtual item groups to be displayed as a vertical or horizontal menu.

New Role in Xsolla Publisher Account

New Junior Support role added to the Xsolla Publisher Account. Users with this role can access support tickets and search & view payment transactions, but cannot cancel transactions or export reports.

New Currencies for Testing the Payment Process

Sandbox bank card payments now support SGD, THB, and HKD.


November 17

New Payment Methods

Cash payments:

Vanilla Direct - USA

Xsolla Launcher Update

What's new:

  • Group chat: invite friends to a group discussion.

Dynamic Bank Card Logos

Bank Card Logos on the card payment form are now shown according to user country:

  • Russia: Visa/Mastercard/Maestro/Mir
  • Japan: Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover/JCB
  • Brazil: Visa/Mastercard/Elo/Aura/Naranja
  • Denmark: Visa/Mastercard/Dankort
  • Other countries: Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Diners/Discover

November 3

New Payment Methods

Prepaid Cards:

DiGi Reload Card (via Coda Payments) - Malaysia

Bank Cards:

Russian Standard Bank (VISA/Mastercard/Mir) - Russia

Changes in Xsolla API

New parameter in Get Token: purchase.subscription.trial_days. It allows you to enable the trial period for a certain user, if no trial period is set for the plan. You can use the parameter only when creating a subscription.

Supported Web Browsers for Pay Station

Pay Station now supports the following web browsers/versions:

  • Google Chrome 49 or higher
  • Mozilla FireFox 45 or higher
  • Opera 36 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge 12 or higher
  • Safari 9 or higher
  • Android Browser 49 or higher

Users of obsolete browsers will see a message warning of possible issues.

Localization of

The Xsolla Developers documentation is now available in German and Japanese.


October 12

Xsolla Launcher

What’s new:

  • Chat;
  • Friends: Find and add friends in the game;
  • Instant Steam authorization: The user is automatically signed up with their Steam account, provided Xsolla Launcher was downloaded from Steam;
  • Purchasing games via Xsolla Launcher;
  • Region: Choosing the region allows the user to start the game on the fastest server.

Xsolla Launcher. Screen 1 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 2 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 3 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 4 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 5 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 6 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 7 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 8


September 29

New Payment Methods

Cash Payments:

Konbini - Japan

Electronic Payment Methods:

  • Mobuy - Germany
  • eMoney Wallet - Georgia

Xsolla Unity SDK 1.4.2

A new version of Xsolla Unity SDK (1.4.2) had been released.

What's new:

  • Option to display user balance.
  • Updated payment status page design.
  • New custom payment form to pay using an Xsolla Card or an Xsolla number.
  • Minor bugfixes.

Changes in Xsolla API

New purchase.subscription.available_plans parameter in the Token method for passing an array of subscription plans to show to the user.

September 26

New transaction list export format

We made some changes to the List Transactions method. The new method is available in Xsolla API v2, while the previous version is still supported. You can choose which format to use when exporting in the Publisher Account.

What’s new:

  • New URL to export transactions:{merchant_id}/reports/transactions/registry.{format}
  • Changed response format:
    • Canceled transactions now have negative values in the following fields:
      • Payment system fixed fee (Payment system fee, fixed)
      • Xsolla revenue share (fixed) (Xsolla revenue share, fixed)
      • Sales Tax - Deducted Sales Tax
      • Virtual currency purchase amount
      • Simple checkout purchase amount
      • Items purchase amount
      • Repatriation costs (Repatriation costs, total)
      • Total discount fixed (Fees covered, fixed)
      • User balance deduction amount (Fees covered by Balance)
      • Payout amount from PS (Payout amount from payment system)
      • Purchase amount from Balance (Payment amount from Balance)
      • Payout amount from Balance
      • Pin codes purchase amount
    • New fields added:
      • Payment system type - payment type
      • VAT - VAT shown to the user
      • VAT, % - VAT percentage in that country
      • Refund reason comment - comments on the refund reason
      • Direct account - whether this is a direct account or not
    • Fields removed:
      • Payment system external fee (%)
      • Payment system external fee amount
      • Payment system external fee currency
      • “Deducted VAT, %” is set to 0 if “Deducted VAT” is 0.
    • Fields renamed:
      • VAT -> Deducted VAT
      • VAT (%) -> Deducted VAT, %
    • The following fields are not filled in if equal to 0:
      • Virtual currency amount
      • Virtual currency purchase amount
      • Simple checkout purchase amount
      • Pin codes purchase amount
    • “Virtual currency purchase currency” is not filled in if “Virtual currency purchase amount” equals 0.
    • “Simple checkout purchase currency” is not filled in if “Simple checkout purchase amount” equals 0.
    • “Pin codes purchase currency” is not filled in if “Pin codes purchase amount” equals 0. “Pin codes purchase cart content” remains empty.

September 8

New Payment Methods

Mobile Payments:

Activ (via Wooppay) - Kazakhstan

Electronic Payment Methods:

  • TrinkPAY - Turkey
  • AmazonPay - Europe


25 August

New Payment Methods

Internet Banking:

BDO, BPI, Metrobank (via DragonPay) - Philippines

18 August

New Payment Methods

Electronic Payment Methods:

Zimpler - Sweden, Finland

Changes in Xsolla API

Changes in user balance methods:

Signing an electronic agreement in Xsolla Publisher Account

New partners who have integrated at least one module for at least one project can now sign an electronic agreement via their Publisher Account. This is done in the Agreement and Verification section using the DocuSign service. Existing partners don't need to re-execute their agreements.

Please note that:

  • Any given partner can only e-sign the standard agreement with Xsolla (USA) Inc. for one of its legal entities. Custom agreements and agreements with other legal entities must be signed manually.
  • The feature is supported for Admin, Owner, and Accounting roles only.
  • Before an agreement is signed, the partner can make test payments only.
  • The partner can request a hard copy after signing the agreement.

Both new and existing partners can find all their signed agreements in the Documents section.

11 August

Updated Payment Methods

Amex in USD are now processed via Vantiv.

3 August

New Payment Methods

Credit Cards:

Credit cards (via EBANX) - Mexico

Electronic Payment Methods:

Doku Wallet (DOKU) - Indonesia

Updated Payment Methods

Cash Payments:

Barzahlen API update to v2.0.

Electronic Payment Methods:

Coinbase API update to v2.0.

Pay2Play PIN codes expiration notifications

We have implemented two types of notifications for the Pay2Play module:

  • 100 PIN codes left for sale;
  • All PIN codes sold.

To set up the notifications, please contact your account manager.


27 July

New Payment Methods

Cash Payments:

Book Voucher, Smart Culture Voucher, Happy Money, EggMoney, OnCash (via PayLetter) - South Korea;

Kyivstar - Ukraine.

One-Click Purchase

Now users can buy items for in-game currency in one click, without leaving Pay Station.

Limited Number of PIN Codes

A partner can issue a limited number of PIN codes. When all keys are used, no further purchases are possible.

20 July

New Payment Methods

Noble Bank and Orange Bank are now available payment methods via Przelewy24.

14 July

New Payment Methods

Electronic Payment Methods:

  • BKM Express - Turkey

  • EPS (via PPRO) - Austria

  • WeChat (via Dinpay) - China

  • eMoney - Georgia

  • OfferPay - USA

Cash Payments:

  • Flexepin - Australia, Europe, Canada

  • CVS (via PayNearMe) - USA

  • Sencillito (via EBANX) - Chile

  • Baloto (via EBANX) - Colombia

  • YesByCash (Ticket Premium) - Poland

  • LeoGaming - Ukraine

  • eMoney - Georgia

  • PayNet - Azerbaijan

Prepaid Cards:

  • DTAC (via Coda Payments) - Thailand

  • Neosurf - Poland

  • Tmoney (via Payletter) - South Korea

  • paysafecard - Argentina, Greece

Mobile Payments:

  • Indosat, Telkomsel, XL, H3I, Bolt (via Coda Payments) - Indonesia

  • Maxis, Digi, Celcom (via Coda Payments) - Malaysia

  • DTAC (via Coda Payments) - Thailand

Updated Payment Methods

Internet Banking

AGMO API upgraded to v1.0.

Electronic Payment Methods

Now, when users remove their PayPal account from the saved payment accounts, all subscriptions linked to that PayPal account are automatically canceled.

Mobile Payments

Onebip API upgraded to v4.1.6.

Prepaid Cards

  • Added white label support for DinPay cards.

  • paysafecard upgraded to API v1.0.

Cash Payments

Optimized the Boleto payslip page for mobile screens.

Buying Physical Items via Pay Station

When users buy physical items via Pay Station, they are now required to enter the shipping address before choosing the payment method.

The shipping address is also shown in the payment receipt email.

To turn on this feature, please contact your account manager.

New Xsolla Launcher

What's new:

  • Regions and realms: The launcher now allows restricting access by geographic regions and in-game realms.
  • Integration with Network: Tracking to collect UI events.
  • Deep linking: Users can now navigate the launcher and go to its specific sections (e.g., an announcement) using external links.
  • New login window: Users will now see the same login window they are used to.
  • Storing credentials: Users will now retain authorization after exiting the launcher. Their session will be safely stored by the operating system.
  • Design changes: We made numerous cosmetic improvements.
  • News is now rendered using Chromium, which supports multimedia content.

Xsolla Launcher. Screen 1 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 2 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 3 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 4 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 5

Xsolla Unity SDK 1.4.0

A new version of Xsolla Unity SDK (1.4.0) had been released.

What’s new:

  • Improved payment details form.

  • Improved card payment form.

  • Fixed minor errors.


16 June

Sharing Section on The Payment Status Page

The Pay Station Payment Status page now has a new Sharing section that allows users to share posts about their game on Facebook or Twitter. Users can select one of the predefined templates, each of which consists of an image with a caption and a text, to be posted. The text and the caption on the image are automatically translated into the user’s language.

This new section is configured in Publisher Account, wherein partners can create up to four post templates. To do this, upload the desired background images for the post templates and select from one of the captions, which will display on top of the image. Partners may also set the link that users will be redirected to after clicking on the post.

8 June

Xsolla Unity SDK 1.3.9

We have released Unity SDK version 1.3.9, including:

  • Integration with Simple Checkout, and
  • Fixed status page layout when purchasing virtual currency.

WeChat support in Xsolla Login

Users can now choose WeChat in the list of social networks for signing up with Xsolla Login.


18 May

Pay2Play Mobile Version

Buying games via the Pay2Play widget is now easier on mobile devices.

Subscription Management in Pay Station Mobile

We have added new subscription management actions to Pay Station mobile. You can now:

  • Hold a subscription;
  • Immediately cancel a subscription;
  • Cancel subscription prolongation from the next period.

Subscription Management in Pay Station Mobile. Screen 1 Subscription Management in Pay Station Mobile. Screen 2 Subscription Management in Pay Station Mobile. Screen 3

Xsolla Unity SDK 1.3.8

We have released Xsolla Unity SDK version 1.3.8. In particular, we have:

  • Redesigned the “Choose payment method” page.
  • Redesigned the “Confirm item purchase (virtual currency)” page.
  • Fixed minor errors.

"Coupon redeemed" Notification

Partners will now receive a notification when a coupon is successfully redeemed (status-reedem event). Partners can use it to trigger certain actions, such as closing the payment interface.

4 May

New Payment Methods

Blik mobile payments in Poland.

Xsolla Launcher

New multifunctional game launcher, including Xsolla Login, game client load/update/change modules, and a promo/news display module.

Coming soon:

  • Video streaming,
  • Adding friends,
  • Instant messaging and voice chat,
  • Leaderboard.

The Launcher is fully customizable to the game server’s specific needs. The first video game to run on Xsolla Launcher is Life is Feudal.

If you want to try this product, please contact us by

Xsolla Launcher. Screen 1 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 2 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 3 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 4 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 5 Xsolla Launcher. Screen 6


17 April

Token Lifetime

You can now configure the token lifetime upon request. The default value is now 24 hours. To change the value, please contact your account manager.

Xsolla Unity SDK 1.3.7

A new version of Xsolla Unity SDK has been released (1.3.7).

What’s new:

  • Virtual items can now be shown in a list or grid view

  • Light theme. The standard light theme for Pay Station is now supported.

  • Serverless integration. Serverless project integrations is now available.

  • Decreased app open time.

  • Improved handling of uploaded icons.

Transaction Register

Changes to transaction register:

  • Total Payment Amount - new field, represents the total amount of funds paid by end-users;

  • Total Purchase Amount - total price of the purchases, formerly known as Total Payment Amount;

  • VAT - new field, represents the aggregate amount of consumption tax applied to purchases.

10 April

New Payment Methods

Prepaid cards:

  • Dinpay - China,

  • Multi Game Card - Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia;

  • Cashbee - Korea;

Cash Payments:

  • MPlat - Kazakhstan;

  • Teleingreso - Mexico, Spain, Portugal;

  • HalCash - Spain;

  • Disashop - Spain;

  • ABANCA - Spain;

  • Paynet - Mexico;

  • PAGAQUI - Portugal;

Digital wallet:

  • Razer zGold

Internet banking:

  • Payletter - Korea;

  • Dinpay - China;

  • Entercash - Europe;

Tips in Pay Station

Pay Station allows users to leave tips when making a purchase. Users can select a tip amount, with percentages ranging from 0% to 20%. Tips are treated as separate transactions and can be refunded if requested.

This tool can be customized in Xsolla Publisher Account in the Project settings.

Your Account Manager will contact you via Basecamp to answer any questions.

Request For Addition of Payment Method

If a user is unable to locate the payment method needed, he or she may request that payment method to be added and leave an email address. After the payment method is added, a notification will be sent to the specified email address.


23 March

Subscription Management in the Mobile Version of Pay Station

Subscription management has been added to the mobile version of Pay Station.

Main features:

  • list of active subscriptions;

  • subscription renewal;

  • cancel subscription automatic renewal;

  • cancel a subscription;

  • link a payment account to a subscription;

  • remove the payment account linked to a subscription;

  • history of subscription payments.

Label Customization for Virtual Currency Packs

You can create custom labels for virtual currency packs in your Xsolla Publisher Account. Label length is limited to 18 characters.

Payment Account Management in the Mobile Version of Pay Station

Payment account management has been added to the mobile version of Pay Station. Users may add accounts, link them to subscriptions, or replace one account with another. Meanwhile, the user’s subscriptions will continue to function as usual. If a user deletes a payment account, it will be possible to renew all subscriptions linked to it by making one-time payments.

Xsolla Login Widget

Xsolla Login Widget has been released. It helps game and app developers simplify the process of registering new game users. The system supports user authorization with login and password, by SMS, or via social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Twitch, VK, Naver, etc.). Identification of users from Korea in accordance with local law (via i-pin) is also supported. To add the widget to your game, register your app and receive a projectID and a secretKey. You may use CSS to customize the size of the standard widget template and its look and feel.

You may access detailed documentation for the Xsolla Login widget by following this link.


1 January

Russia has joined the list of European countries that charges VAT.

The new law will affect almost all types of digital goods and products, including games and game-related services. More information can be found online:

To ensure continuous service, Xsolla will be in compliance with the law starting from day one. Russia will be added to the VAT Statistics tool in your Xsolla Publisher Account, where your data can be viewed in real-time. As a merchant of record, Xsolla will be reporting and paying VAT to the Russian government.

The effective rate is set to 15.25% of the transaction amount, which corresponds to 18% VAT and will be charged automatically from the user, if you wish cover VAT amount yourself, please contact your account manager. Also if you want to adjust prices, we recommend that you do it on or after January 1st, 2017 as this period is one of the biggest shopping seasons full of winter sales.


1 December

Pay by Cash Widget

Pay Station now features the Pay by Cash Widget. Its integrated Google Search helps to find the nearest and most convenient cash kiosk or store with prepaid cards.

When a user selects a payment method, the widget also displays detailed instructions on how to make payments. Presently, this widget is available only in Russia and USA, but we plan to enable it for other countries soon.


10 November

Giving a tip in the Pay2Play widget

Now users can send some money as a tip to game developers using the Pay2Play widget. Before proceeding to their purchase, a user can choose a tip amount that will be added to the final price.

You can enable or disable the tip feature in your Xsolla Publisher Account. By default, the system offers three predefined amounts of a tip for each currency enabled in your project settings.


20 October

Additional options for Return URL

The Xsolla Publisher Account now features advanced options of getting a user back to the specified URL:

  • redirect conditions can be configured according to payment status;
  • configurable delay in seconds before redirection;
  • redirect button can be displayed depending on payment status.

These parameters can be found in "Additional options".

18 October

Accepting Payments Through Apple Pay

Apple Pay has been added for Great Britain, Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, USA, Switzerland and France.

5 October

Xsolla Unity SDK 1.3.2

A new version of Xsolla Unity SDK has been released (1.3.2).

What’s new:

  1. Gift card. Widget allows users redeem their cards and obtain special game content.
  2. Redeems coupon. A user can enter their coupon code and gain access to the coupon bonus.
  3. Promo code. Promo codes can also be used for activation of promotions. It provides additional bonuses for purchased content.
  4. List of Saved Payment Accounts for future 1-click payments.


20 September

Pay by Cash Widget

Pay Station now features the Pay by Cash Widget. Its integrated Google Search helps to find the nearest and most convenient cash kiosk or store with prepaid cards.

When a user selects a payment method, the widget also displays detailed instructions on how to make payments. Presently, this widget is available only in Russia, but we plan to enable it for other countries soon.

Promotions without time limits

Now you can create Promotions without time limits directly in your Xsolla Publisher Account. When you do this, your promotion’s banner will be shown on Pay Station without a countdown timer.

Also, you can also remove time limits from any active promotions.

16 September

Android SDK 2.2.0

A new version of Android SDK has been released (2.2.0).

What’s new:

  1. Saving of payment account;
  2. Unlimited purchases of virtual currency;
  3. Recent purchases and favorite items;
  4. Payments using Virtual Currency.

12 September

Gift Card Widget

We’ve updated the design of our Gift Card Widget. Now card icons look like miniature copies of actual cards.


26 August

Promotions For The Pay2Play Module

Now you can set up promotions for the Pay2Play module and pick any bonus content from the modules enabled in that project. These include virtual currency, virtual items, subscriptions, or Pay2Play. In addition, you can also create a discount or a coupon campaign.

22 August

Changes in The List of Browsers Supported by Pay Station

We have updated the list of browsers supported by Pay Station. Now the payment interface works properly with the following versions:

  • Google Chrome 45 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 42 and above
  • Opera 35 and above
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge 12 and above
  • Safari 8 and above
  • Android Browser 4 and above
  • If you use an older browser, the system will display a warning about possible compatibility issues.

    18 August

    Additional Parameter for Coupon Campaign Setup

    We have added a new parameter for coupon campaign setup: "Number of total coupon redemptions per user" in the Xsolla Publisher Account. This allows you to set the maximum number of coupon redemptions per user for any given campaign.

    17 August

    Export Search Results in Transaction List to CSV / XLS

    Now the results of transaction search in the Xsolla Merchant Account can be exported to CSV or XLS format.

    Large results that take a lot of time to generate can be sent via email. Now you can export the full-text search results to CSV or XLS format and send them to your email address - either immediately, or after a delay period - directly from your Xsolla Merchant Account.

    1 August

    New URL for Xsolla Merchant Account

    The URL of the Xsolla Merchant Account has been changed from to

    The demo version of the Xsolla Merchant Account is now available at

    A New Way to Contact our Technical Support via Facebook Messenger

    We have integrated with Facebook Messenger. Now all messages sent via this app will also appear in the private messages mailbox of Xsolla’s official Facebook page.

    Subscriptions in the History of Operations

    Now all subscription-related activity is shown in the history of operations directly in the Pay Station User Account.


    15 July

    Switching to Another Subscription Plan in The Current Billing Cycle

    Now a user can switch to another subscription plan in the current billing cycle directly from their Pay Station User Account. In this case, all remaining service time is proportionally converted into a subscription balance.

    The subscription balance may fully or partially cover the costs for the new plan. If the balance is not enough to cover the amount due, the user should pay the difference to complete changing their subscription plan. If no additional payments are required, the operation will be performed immediately.

    After changing the plan, the balance can be used to renew the current subscription.

    To enable this option, please contact your project’s account manager.

    In-Game Balance on The User Page in Xsolla Merchant Account

    Now partners can view the in-game balance of any user in a real currency. This information is shown on the user page in Xsolla Merchant Account.

    3 July

    New Payment Methods

    7eleven, Globe GCash Wallet: Philippines.

    Mobile E-commerce: In Finland, payments can be sent via Saunalahti, Sonera, Elisa or DNA; in Denmark – via TDC, Telenor, Orange, 3 or Tele2.

    RSS in the Support Section

    Now your partners can subscribe to RSS notifications from the Support section directly in their Xsolla Merchant accounts. RSS notifications are sent for all new tickets. By selecting a ticket, a partner can open the Support section and view the ticket details or leave a comment. Once their issue is resolved, the partner will receive a report about all performed tasks.

    Gift Card Widget

    Pay Station now features a gift card widget in which users can redeem their cards and obtain special game content. To make a purchase, a user must enter their card number and check its available balance. Once the operation is confirmed, the system will withdraw all funds from user’s card and redeem it. If the available balance on user’s card is greater than the purchase price, the remaining amount will be added to user’s in-game balance.



    17 June

    Switching to Another Subscription Plan For The Next Billing Cycle

    Now a user can switch to another subscription plan for the next billing cycle and make an instant payment for this plan directly in their Pay Station User Account. Their current service plan will be valid until the end of the current billing cycle. Switching to the new plan is performed automatically.

    Updated Cash Payment Form

    We have updated the form for payments through cash kiosks in Pay Station. This form now displays the Xsolla number, game account and detailed payment instructions that a user can:

    • print;
    • save in their Apple Wallet;
    • send by email;
    • send by SMS.

    The form also features a purchase cost calculator for convenience.

    Google Search Directly in The Map on The Cash Payment Form

    Now users who want to pay by cash can quickly search for the nearest or preferred cash kiosks and prepaid card stores – our cash payment form provides a convenient map with the integrated Google Search.

    Updated Alerts About Fraudulent Payments

    Now all alerts about fraudulent payments on the alert page display user IDs. This will help you to accurately identify the sender of each suspicious transaction.

    Additional User Verification After a Rejected Payment

    Now you can perform additional verification of a user whose payment was marked as suspicious, and thus rejected, directly in your Xsolla Merchant Account. Previously, such users could not make any payments after rejection. When a user contacts the support service to notify about the problem, your support engineer can enable this option on the transaction details page, then ask them to repeat the payment. Once the user enters a one-time code obtained via SMS or an online bank statement, their purchase will be completed successfully and all future payments will not require such verification.

    Note that user verification is available for card payments only.

    Custom list of Available Payment Methods by Country in Each Project

    Now you can customize the list of available payment methods in certain countries in your projects. To enable this option, please contact your account manager.


    27 May

    New payment methods

    SEPA through Micropayment Sofort Gateway: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

    Currency symbols in the Pay2Play widget

    Now the Pay2Play widget uses familiar symbols for 97 world currencies instead of their ISO codes.

    Postponed charges for subscriptions

    Now you can postpone the next charge for subscriptions of any user directly in your Xsolla Merchant Account. This will also postpone the expiration of that subscription, and the user will not be charged for the additional days.

    Postponed emailing of reports

    Now you can postpone the downloading of large reports that take a lot of time to generate directly in your Xsolla Merchant Account. Once such a report is ready, the system will send an email notification with the download link.

    Report about direct payment / payment gateway accounts

    Now you can view a dedicated report about payments which you’ve sent directly to payment accounts of partners, via Payment Gateways, in your Xsolla Merchant Account. The system generates this report monthly and marks it as "direct payout".

    Now your Xsolla Merchant Account supports full-text transaction search which can find transactions by exact match of a word or phrase, and highlight the most relevant results. In addition, you can also use boolean operators and wildcards for more sophisticated queries.

    20 May

    Project management API

    We have added a set of commands for creating and managing projects:

    • Create a new project
    • Get a project
    • Update a project
    • List all projects

    Events from in Xsolla Merchant Account

    Now the information about incidents from is also available in the Events section of Xsolla Merchant Account.

    13 May

    Storefront API

    We have prepared a set of commands for partners who use their own UIs for in-game shops. Storefront API allows you to implement server-to-server interaction and exchange all shop-related data that you may need.

    New notification type: update_subscription

    Now all subscription renewals and all changes in subscription parameters will result in sending the "update_subscription" message to the partner’s webhook URL.

    May 6

    Non Renewing Status For Subscriptions in Xsolla Merchant Account

    Now you can view how many users per service plan decided not to renew their subscriptions directly in your Xsolla Merchant Account.

    Redesign of DRM Selection Page

    We have updated the UI of the DRM selection page for both light and dark themes.

    New Transaction Registry Parameters

    New subscription_id (subscription identifier) and plan_id (subscription plan identifier) parameters have been added to the list of transactions.


    29 April

    Events in Xsolla Merchant Account

    Now all event pages in your Xsolla Merchant Account are rendered faster.

    Coupon Activation Through Xsolla Merchant Account

    Coupons can now be manually activated in the Xsolla Merchant Account. This is helpful in cases where the user has not been able to use a coupon independently, and has applied to the game support service for help.


    The Xsolla support service has a new design.

    New Payment System Integrations

    Payment systems by way of Gash+ have been added for Japan, allowing payment in local currency. The supported e-wallets are:

    • Webmoney
    • Bitcash
    • Netcash
    • Docomo

    22 April

    Managing Pay Station Payment Accounts

    Users making purchases through Pay Station can now choose from a selection of tools for managing their payment accounts. The user can link accounts, or replace one account with another. His/her subscription will continue to function as normal. If a payment account is deleted, all subscriptions linked to it can still be paid by one-off payments. The process of linking a new payment account is shown below:

    New Pay2Play Feature: Game Delivery

    If the user selects the DRM FREE delivery method when purchasing a game, he/she can then download it immediately after concluding payment. It should be noted that this delivery method is only available if the game’s installer has first been uploaded in the Xsolla Merchant Account.

    Upload Pay2Play Status Page

    Activation of Promotions According to Custom User Attributes

    Users can be segmented using user attributes. For instance, you can make particular offers to particular groups of players depending on their level in the game.

    New Token Parameters

    New token parameters have been added:

    Parameter Type Description
    purchase.subscription.currency string The currency used for all the calculations within the purchased subscription plan.
    settings.ui.desktop.subscription_list.display_local_price boolean If true and if the local currency of the user is different from the currency of the subscription plan, prices will be shown in both currencies.

    Purchase in The Transaction Registry

    A new Purchase field has been added to the transaction registry. The field contains a brief description of the purchase.

    Localization of

    All the documentation at is now available in four languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Russian.

    New Payment System Integrations

    New payment methods have been added for Indonesia (pre-paid vouchers and electronic wallets). Users can pay using the local currency (the IDR).

    1. Telkomsel Voucher
    2. Smartfren Voucher
    3. Indosat Voucher
    4. Mandiri E-wallet

    15 April

    Dark Theme For The Pay2Play Widget

    The Pay2Play widget is now available in two basic color themes: dark and light.

    ChangeLog Localization

    Xsolla’s changelog is now available in four languages: English, Chinese Simplified, Korean, and Russian.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    We have launched mobile commerce services operated by Beeline and powered by the local payment provider Wooppay in Kazakhstan.

    We have launched mobile commerce services powered by BOKU in Taiwan (TWD) and Philippines (PHP).

    8 April

    Xsolla Webinars

    We have added a special section for webinar announcements on Xsolla.

    The Sandbox Mode For Serverless Integration

    Now you can also enable the Sandbox mode for making test payments using serverless integration.

    Managing Quick Payments in Pay Station

    Now you can manage the list of payment methods in the Quick Payments section on your own, and show the most relevant payment methods for your game. If you want to try this feature, please contact the account manager of the project.

    1 April

    Instructions on how to redeem a PIN-code

    We have added a link to the detailed instructions on how to redeem a PIN-code into our standard email notification about a purchase.

    Copy and paste functionality for code snippets

    We have added a button for quick copying and pasting of code snippets directly from our documentation.


    25 March

    Android SDK 2.0.0

    Version 2.0.0 has been released Android SDK.

    What’s new:

    1. Virtual items shop;
    2. Virtual currency;
    3. Subscriptions;
    4. User balance;
    5. Full list of payment methods.

    Mobile Version of Pay Station Has Been Optimized

    We have optimized the mobile version of Pay Station. Depending on the type of your mobile device, pages will be rendered up to twice as fast.

    Custom Parameters In The Transaction Registry

    We have added a new field called "Custom Parameters" in the exportable list of transactions. This field may contain additional information depending on the project’s specific needs.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    1. Pinvalidda - the e-wallet solution available in Colombia and Peru (COP and PEN).
    2. Belqi - the e-wallet available in Belarus (RUB).
    3. Priorbank - the largest bank in Belarus (RUB).

    18 March

    Strict validation of JSONs upon token receipt

    The system now checks all parameters in JSONs against the documentation.

    All inconsistencies between the expected and actual data, including invalid types and excessive or missing arguments, will result in validation errors that will be sent back to the partner for rectification.

    For example, if an "int" parameter was sent as "string", the system will return the corresponding error in response to such JSON.

    Strict validation helps to prevent incorrect usage of parameters and thus avoid failures of the payment interface.

    Strict validation of JSONs is now enabled by default for all new projects. The existing integrations will be also migrated to strict validation shortly – your integration manager will soon contact you on this topic.

    Basic currency for prices

    We have added a new option for setting up the basic currency for prices on packages, virtual items and digital content.

    This can be useful for partners with large geographic coverage that sell content in regions where end prices may depend on the currency. For example, prices for the same items in USD and BRL may vary depending on the purchasing power in each region.

    To pass the basic currency, make sure to add the following parameters:

    Parameter Type Description
    purchase.virtual_currency.currency string Currency of a virtual currency pack, based on which all calculations will be made.
    purchase.virtual_items.currency string Currency of a virtual item in a purchase order, based on which all calculations will be made.
    purchase.pin_codes.currency string Currency of a PIN code in a purchase order, based on which all calculations will be made.

    Background of virtual currency packages

    We have added a new option for customization of virtual currency packages, which is called “Background setup”. This setting will soon appear in your Xsolla Merchant Account, but if you want to try it right now, feel free to contact your project account manager.

    New map of prepaid cards U.S. store locations

    Users now can view store locations directly in Pay Station for the following prepaid cards:

    1. Subway Gift Card
    2. Rixty
    3. CVS Gift Card
    4. Circle K Gift Card
    5. BK Crown Card
    6. Shell Gift Card
    7. Sports Authority Card
    8. Dollar General Card
    9. Open Bucks Card

    It is very easy now to find the nearest store locations in order to purchase additional prepaid cards. The map itself is fully interactive, displays exact addresses and can be opened in the fullscreen mode as well.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    Direct Carrier Billing in Poland and Slovak Republic via BOKU. Available carriers include: Orange, Telecom, O2 - Slovak Republic, payments in EUR T-Mobile - Poland, payments in PLN.

    4 March

    GPay eWallet

    Xsolla now accepts payments in Turkish liras (TRY) via GPay.


    26 February

    2pay Numbers Have Been Disabled

    Since February 25, Xsolla does not anymore issue 7-digit 2pay numbers for payments through terminals. Now users only obtain 9-digit Xsolla numbers.

    PayValida eWallet

    Xsolla now accepts payments via PayValida eWallet in Peru and Colombia. Users can top up their eWallets locally through popular online banking systems or with cash in Peruvian nuevo sol (PEN) and Colombian peso (COP).

    Localized Terms and Conditions

    We have translated the Xsolla Terms and Conditions into Polish and Japanese. Four localized versions are available now: English, Polish, Japanese, and Russian.

    19 February


    Xsolla is offering its partners a new opportunity: the Pay2Play module. With Pay2Play developers can sell their games and DLСs directly from official sites. It isn’t bound to any designated digital delivery systems or marketplaces: with Pay2Play, developers can directly sell any game activation codes (Steam, Origin, uPlay etc) or even direct DRM-free downloads. All settings can be managed from Xsolla Merchant Account. Detailed documentation can be found at:

    Additional User Verification Step

    Users whose payment has been declined by the automatic security system can now pass an additional verification step that will allow them to make payments. To do this, the user should contact Xsolla technical support, after which a temporary hold will be placed against their account for a random amount of less than $1. The user can then re-start the payment process during which they will have to pass an additional verification step. This page contains brief instructions for obtaining a code and input field. After entering the code, the user can complete their purchase and return to the game. Re-verification is not required for subsequent payments. Please note this feature is only available for credit card users.

    Map of the Contact payment terminals

    When paying through the Contact payment system, the user can find the nearest terminals on the map that has been integrated into the Pay Station. In the near future the map will include information about the terminals of other payment systems.

    Permanent Items

    The Virtual Items module now features a new option called “Item can be bought only once” which is set to “false” by default. When this option is enabled, each permanent item that a user purchases will be added to their inventory stored at Xsolla’s side and then will not be shown in the item catalog anymore. If this item is consumable in your game, you can dispose the item from user’s inventory via Xsolla API once it has been consumed. For more details, please refer to the corresponding section of the Xsolla API documentation.

    Sales Tax In The Transaction Log

    Information about sales taxes that are collected in certain US states has been added to the transaction log section of the Xsolla Merchant Account. To enable and configure the collection of sales tax, contact your account manager.

    Subscription Cancellation Comment

    A new feature has been added in Xsolla Merchant Account: it is now possible to specify the reason for the cancellation of a subscription.

    Neosurf: Prepaid Card Supports New Currencies

    New currencies have been introduced for Neosurf: prepaid card. Now you can pay for your purchases in Canadian dollars, pounds sterling and Romanian Lei.

    Currency Grapheme

    Pay Station can display the grapheme of 97 world currencies such as the South Korean won, Chinese yuan, Brazilian real, Turkish lira, and Canadian dollar among others. This allowed us to avoid the use of ISO-codes in the interface and to make the form of payment more comprehensible to the end user.

    Currency-Format: a Library of Currency Formats

    Xsolla has published a set of publicly accessible guidelines with the formatting rules for 97 different world currencies. The guidelines present information on the grapheme, grapheme position with respect to the amount, and the number of decimal places for each currency. In addition, we have made a library publicly accessible that allows you to format currencies for applications written in Angular. The data in this library will prove useful to application developers who require the correct currency format for their applications. You can find out more on github: and


    29 January

    One-time Payment

    This change will be of interest to our partners who use subscription billing. For security reasons, PayPal does not allow recurring payments unless the user’s credit or debit card is linked to their PayPal account. Xsolla will now give users 2 options:

    • auto-renew with a card linked to their saved PayPal account,
    • a one-time payment without linking a card.

    This option can be activated via your account manager.

    Virtual Currency Packages Sorting

    Now Xsolla allows you to sort virtual currency packs in any order. Using the optimal display order based on the specific nature of a game and its user base can increase conversion and average check. Sorting is available in your Xsolla Merchant Account.

    Internet Explorer 9 and 10 don’t Support Now

    Xsolla is discontinuing support for IE9 and IE10. We guarantee that the payment interface will function normally in modern versions of browsers such as Chrome 12 and above, Firefox 38 and above, Opera 29 and above, Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge. Users of outdated browsers will receive a warning about potential problems.


    25 December

    Upload Custom Coupon-codes

    Now you can upload your custom promo- or coupon-codes via Xsolla Merchant Account. Codes must contain latin characters (upper and lower case), digits, dashes, dots, underscores only and have a length between 4 and 127 characters.

    18 December

    Testing Game Billing Notifications in the Xsolla Merchant Account

    Now you can verify integration with additional Xsolla services, such as coupons, virtual currency balance, or item trading for virtual currency, by sending a request with the required parameters to your server via the Merchant Account.

    Accepting Payments Through SEPA

    We’ve added new payment method – SEPA Direct Debit. This is a Europe-wide Direct Debit system allowing merchants to collect Euro payments from bank accounts in the 34 SEPA countries and associated territories. Checkout is quite simple. First you need to enter all relevant info, then choose the type of payment (one-time or recurrent). After that you’ll see the generated e-mandate containing all payment info and briefly explaining the SEPA payment process and user’s rights.

    11 December

    Subscription Management Interface

    Now users can view detailed information about their subscriptions and manage them (renew, cancel, or put on hold) from the Merchant Tool of Xsolla payment interface.

    Manage Subscriptions

    Hold or Cancel Subscription Subscription Details

    Key Performance Indicators of Store in Monthly Newsletters

    In early December, we have emailed the November store performance reports to all our partners. These reports included the key performance indicators of store, such as Gross Revenue, Payments, Active Payers, Average Payment, ARPPU, New Payers, Conversion, Refunds, and Chargebacks. We are going to email these reports regularly on a monthly basis. If you need a more detailed analysis, please consider setting up the integration with Slemma.

    4 December

    Managing Payment Accounts

    Now you can view and delete payment accounts of users in the Merchant Account. It may be helpful for your Customer Support team, for example, if the user is worried about storing his personal information, or in case of the "friendly fraud".

    Please note, in case of the deleting of payment account, the subscription won't be renewed after the end of subscription period.

    This tool can be easily found at Projects > Your Project > Users > User Account.


    27 November

    Subscription Status Management

    Now you can view and change the status of a subscription in the Merchant Account.

    List of available actions with subscription:

    1. Termination. The status of the subscription will be changed to "Cancel". Subscription that was terminated will expire immediately.
    2. Cancellation. The status of the subscription will be changed to "Cancel", and the latest payment that was made for this subscription, will be refunded.
    3. Reactivation. The status of the subscription will be changed to "Active".
    4. Turn off auto-renewal of subscription. After the subscription expires, the user won't get charged again. The status of the subscription will be changed to "Cancel".

    Collecting Cardholder Name for Credit Card Payments is Now Available

    You can collect cardholder name for credit card payments. This may be helpful if you want to compare the name of customer used while registration in the game with the name on the credit card. It can also help the AntiFraud or Customer Support Service and with resolving disputes.

    Xsolla Became a Participant in the Amazon Partners Program

    We have started to accept payments through Amazon. Please contact your account manager in order to activate this payment option in your game.

    13 November

    Custom Amounts of Virtual Currency

    If a user wants to spend a certain amount on purchasing virtual currency (e.g. spend all the money on their prepaid card), they can manually enter the required amount via a special form. To enable this option, please contact your account manager.

    Enabling/disabling Virtual Currency Packages

    We have implemented a new option for enabling/disabling virtual currency packages directly in the Xsolla Merchant Account. Now you can preset special packages (e.g. for certain promotion or events) and manually enable them when necessary.

    Promotions Applied to Every N-th Payment

    Do you want to better motivate users to make the first payment or provide a discount for users who are making their 5th or 10th payment? Now it's possible in Xsolla! All you need to do is specify the ordinal position of the payments for which you want to apply a promotion in your Xsolla Merchant Account (for example, 1st, 5th, 10th, etc.)

    Storing and Managing User Data

    For proper operation of certain Xsolla features, it is necessary to store user information on the Xsolla's side. This is why we have added two additional options in the Users section: the first option enables storing of user data on the Xsolla's side, while the second one displays this user data in Pay Station (including Virtual Currency Balance, Nickname, My account, History, My payment accounts, and Manage subscriptions).

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    MTC Cash (new supported currencies - TRY, EUR, USD), BitCoin via GoCoin, Chase Paymentech


    30 October

    User Emails

    We have added three new types of emails. Now users are able to receive notifications about purchases in virtual currencies and coupon redemptions, as well as special notifications one week prior to being charged for regular payments on recurrent subscriptions.

    In-game Balance

    If a user pays extra money for their purchase, the system will create the in-game balance which can be fully or partially used in the next purchase. Information about the in-game balance will be available in purchase details, on the status page and in email notifications about purchases. Please note that all payment systems with fixed pricepoints can now be used at Xsolla, the unused amount will be converted into in-game balance.

    The main types of payment systems that allow to process a payment in case the amount of the purchase is different from the payment systems pricepoint:

    • SMS (Boku, Zong, Fortumo)
    • Prepaid cards (PayGarden, Gash+, MyCard)
    • Terminals (CyberPlat, DeltaPay, Rapida)

    Light Version of Header

    Now you can enable the fully-featured light version of header in projects with hidden headers (inline integration).

    Customer Support Tickets

    Your Xsolla Merchant Account now displays all your tickets of the technical support. You can also search tickets by data range.

    Customization of User Pages in Xsolla Merchant Account

    Now you can send invitations to users once again as well as change user passwords.

    Grace Period

    Now you can set up a Grace period for recurrent subscription payments (i.e. an actual expiration period for a subscription, in days). This option is available across all projects and can be configured in your Xsolla Merchant Account.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    Paygarden (USA), PayNearMe (USA), Coda Payments (Southeast Asia), VTC Pay (Vietnam)

    New Gateway – BoaCompra

    Now you can use BoaCompra as a gateway via Xsolla Merchant Account.


    25 September

    Sales Tax and VAT

    The payment processing step now shows two additional parameters, which are Sales tax and/or VAT (depending on your region and project settings). Users can now view the tax rate applied to their purchases.

    Support of the Chinese and Korean Languages

    Xsolla now supports Chinese (simplified), Korean, Russian, and English. All documentation and the Xsolla Merchant Account are fully localized to 4 languages. The system automatically applies the same language as set in user's web browser. If the language of user's web browser is not supported, the system switches to English.

    New Gateways

    Now you can use Karma Koin and Skrill as a gateways via Xsolla Merchant Account.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    Boku (Korea, France, Turkey), City-pay (Ukraine).


    28 August


    We have implemented Special Offers (Specials) – a new method of attracting more customers via large graphical banners for grouping one or more promotions and displaying the items being promoted.

    Filtering of Items

    Now you can set up filtering of items in your shop as well as manage their visibility and access to them depending on the in-game attributes of users. This option will help you to enable players with the most relevant items and positions, thereby driving in-game progress.

    List of Payment Systems

    Now you can check what payment systems are available for each of your projects and each country, as well as the fees charged for Xsolla’s services on that payment system. You can always enable or disable any payment system on your own.

    Sales Group

    Now when you set up a new promotion, all items included into this promotion are automatically listed in the Sales group within that catalog of items. This will help users to find the best offers quickly and easily.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    Boku (USA), Trustpay (new supported currencie - TRY), Pastabank (30 new supported currencies)

    New Gateways

    Now you can use TicketSurf, Steam and Boku as a gateways via Xsolla Merchant Account.


    31 July

    Coupons with Trial Subscriptions

    Now you can issue coupons which offer trial subscriptions. After coupon redemption, a user will gain access to the relevant content. Once the trial period expires, the system will start charging payments for these subscriptions.

    Rate a Ticket

    Now you can rate the quality and responsiveness of our technical support directly in your Xsolla Merchant Account as well as leave comments for your tickets.

    My Account Page

    We have added new "My Account" page to Pay Station which displays various user information, such as balance, nickname, custom in-game attributes, as well as a new option, "Disable confirmation screen for future item purchases".

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    Emergent payments, Paysafecard (New Zealand), Boku (Slovenia), PayByMe (Bahrain), Inpay (Turkish banks), Mobi.Деньги (Russia).

    New Gateways

    Now you can use Rixty and Openbucks as a gateways via Xsolla Merchant Account.


    26 June

    Virtual Items

    We have released a major update for Pay Station. The Virtual Items module now features a lot of new capabilities:

    • The item catalog now supports unlimited nesting.
    • Items can be sold in virtual currency or real-money amounts.
    • New user-defined sorting of items: users now can set the order of items in the catalog, e.g. sort them alphabetically or by price.
    • Depending on parameters passed in a token, you can display item price either on a button, or as a caption next to it.
    • Each item can have two descriptions: a brief description (always visible), and a full description (expandable upon a click).
    • The system now supports text and tag-based search functionalities for items.
    • Users can purchase an unlimited number of items at a time.
    • When viewing the catalog, users can bookmark interesting items, then view them quickly by clicking "Favorite". All recently purchases items are also shown in a separate list.

    Headers now display the user balance in the in-game currency. For example, when the remaining balance is not enough for purchasing an item in a virtual currency, a user can simply click the "+" button next to this item and select a virtual currency package from the list.

    To learn more about the catalog of virtual items, please visit our blog or the Turbine demo page.

    History of User Activities

    Pay Station now displays the history of user balance. The history shows charges and top-ups of user balance including payment methods, amounts, and comments to operations.

    Saved Payment Methods

    Users can save the preferable payment methods in order to quickly and conveniently make purchases in future. Users are free to view the list of the saved payment methods and delete them if necessary.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    PinValidda (Peru), TYME (Ukraine), PayByMe (United Arab Emirates), Boku (Canada, Norway)

    New Gateways

    Now you can use MOL and QIWI as a gateways via Xsolla Merchant Account.


    29 May


    If you want to attract more attention to your items or virtual currency packages (even without using discounts), consider using callouts. Currently, Xsolla supports "Best Value" and "Most Popular" as callouts.

    Advanced Analytics

    The Xsolla Merchant Account is now enabled with analytical tools for monitoring key performance indicators of sales in your shop. If you need a more in-depth analysis, you can use the fully-featured Slemma Data Portal for free.

    Data Portal provides endless possibilities for companies that want to learn as much as possible about their in-game purchases activities. By connecting their Xsolla Merchant Account to Slemma, Xsolla partners will get access to payment metrics, which are not directly available otherwise:

    • KPI: Revenue, ARPPU, Unique Payers, Average Payment and more.
    • Measuring of profits in multiple currencies.
    • Conversion analysis: paid purchases, users completing the purchase, new/existing paying users.
    • Advanced credit card analytics: conversion, decline reasons, distribution by issuing banks and card brands.
    • Geography: user location, language, time zone
    • User Platforms: OS, browsers, mobile devices, screen resolution.
    • Conversion by payment methods and geography.
    • Purchased bundles, virtual currency and items.

    Slemma is very easy to enable: simply click "Connect Slemma" in the Data Portal section of your Xsolla Merchant Account.

    Promotions for Subscriptions

    We have improved the Promotions module. Now you can set up promotions for recurrent subscriptions. Possible bonus options for promotional subscriptions include virtual items, virtual currency amounts, or trial access to certain content.

    User Management

    Now you can manage the list of all users in the project directly from your Xsolla Merchant Account, including manual blocking/unblocking of users as well as setting up their in-game balance, nicknames and emails.

    Customizable Top Menu in Pay Station

    Now you can configure the top menu in Pay Station, e.g. rename or localize menu items via your Xsolla Merchant Account, change their order, and choose their icons based on tokens.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    Naranja (Argentina), Alipay (China), Moneygram (new supported currencies - CAD), NETELLER (new supported currencies - GBP, AUD, BGN, HUF, INR, JPY, NGN, NOK and TND)


    24 April


    Now you can directly link your existing payment accounts by providing their credentials. We call them Gateways or Direct accounts. This will allow you to directly withdraw payouts from payment systems without using Xsolla. And your customers will benefit from the unified payment gateway built into Pay Station.

    Presently, Pay Station supports gateways for the following payment systems: Amazon, Bitpay, PaySafeCard, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Yandex.

    Redemption of Coupons and Promo Codes

    Xsolla now supports redemption of coupons and promo codes. A user can open the coupon redemption page, enter their coupon code, and gain access to the coupon bonus by clicking "Apply". Coupons can contain any number of virtual currency or virtual items.

    Promo codes can also be used for activation of promotions. An input field for promo codes is an additional option on the payment step of the purchase flow, and it provides additional bonuses for purchased content.

    All coupons are created in the Xsolla Merchant Account.

    Saving Card’s Data with PCI DSS 3.0

    Xsolla have verified compliance for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.0 (PCI DSS). Your own, and your customers’, data are protected better than ever before.

    10 April

    PayRank Configuration

    Xsolla offers a unique sorting system that automatically finds the best payment option for each user. In addition to automatic sorting capabilities, you can manually sort the payment methods in your Xsolla Merchant Account - simply pin the payment systems to the spot you would like them to appear in the Pay Station UI.

    Dark Theme for Pay Station

    Pay Station is now available in two basic color schemes: Light and Dark.

    New Gateways

    Now you can use Vantiv and Webmoney as a gateways via Xsolla Merchant Account.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    Boku (Netherlands, Australia, Singapore), Victoriabank (Moldavia), DongA bank (Vietnam), PayByMe + Turkcell (Turkey), Astropay (Latin America).


    27 March

    Promotions 3.0

    To attract even more customers, Xsolla recommends that you conduct regular promotions via your Xsolla Merchant Account. When creating promotions, you can set up various types of bonus, such as bonus items, extra virtual currency, or a discount. You can also specify whether a bonus applies to virtual currency, virtual items, or all purchases.

    Purchase Details

    Now at each stage of the payment process customers can view detailed information about all the quantities and prices included into their purchases, such as the number of purchased items, applied discounts, etc.

    Vertical Layout for Recurrent Subscriptions

    Now you can adjust the layout type for subscriptions to display them vertically.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    Boku in Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal.


    27 February

    Mobile Version of Pay Station

    Pay Station is now available in both desktop and mobile versions. Users who log in to Pay Station from their mobile devices are automatically redirected to the mobile version.

    Integration with Basecamp

    Now you can switch to your Basecamp project directly from your Xsolla Merchant Account and ask questions, or request a new functionality.

    Item Types

    Now you can set up expiration periods for your items, e.g. unlimited ammo for guns, one-time only usage for the Elixir of Life, etc. Item types are as follows: Consumable, Permanent, Expiration, and Regular.

    New Payment Systems Integrations

    Skrill: 1-Tap, ToditoCash (Mexico), PinValidda (Colombia), PayByMe (Turkey).


    30 January

    Time Zones with Daylight Savings Time

    Now daylight savings time will be properly applied to the start and end dates of all promotions you create.

    Anti-Fraud Protection in Xsolla Merchant Account

    Now you can manage your black list in your Xsolla Merchant Account, as well as track operations of the Xsolla anti-fraud system.

    New Integration – Bitpay